Smart Energy Systems Lab (SESL)


- Planning, Control, and Optimization of Resilient Smart Energy Grids, and Interconnected Micro Energy Grids

- Development of CT Scan for Integrity Control of NPP

- Resilient Energy Storage Platform for OPUC Power Grid Substation

- Development of Resilient Microgrids in Trailers

- Development of Drone-based Inspection System for NPP

- Resilient Flywheel-Based Energy Storage Platform for Power Substations and Transportation Electrification

- Smart Long-Life Modular Lithium-Ion Battery System for Autonomous Vehicles

- Development of requirements for Battery Management Systems (BMS) - Electronic Control and Protection Systems

- SCADA, Real-time Simulation, and V2G Testing

- Design of Thermal System for Electric Wheels

- Analysis and Design of Fast Charging System with Flywheel Energy Storage Platform

- Design of a Mobile Charging System for EVs

- Design of Thermal System for Electric Wheels

- Test Platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Transportation Electrification Infrastructures (CAVTE)

- Intelligent System for Nuclear Power Plant Inspection

- Intelligent Energy Management for Production Facilities with Robotics Automation


Check out our video on Micro Energy Grid:

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