Urgent Hire in the area of: Study of New Designs of Digital Control Room for SMR Deployments with Human Performance Considerations

I am hiring research students, Postdoc, PhD/MAsc students in this area, with main skills / outcomes:

Study digital control room design, inputs, outputs, visualization, and technologies. Analyze environmental state variables and monitoring systems related to the SMR site. Model human state variables including physical and mental models, human reliability, performance, and monitoring systems. Study SMR process state variables, including physical system models, performance measures, efficiency, reliability, risk, and resiliency. Analyze state variables of SMR integration with the grid, renewables, storage, and other applications. Develop co-simulation to integrate the digital control to provide evaluation of different scenarios based on number of SMR operating conditions to support operation. Analyze standards related to SMR design and operation of digital control and systems and human factors. Analyze safety, reliability, resiliency, and emergency state variables and monitoring systems and their implementations within the digital control system. Develop an integrated digital control room design and demonstrate using co-simulation, monitoring, visualization, and data analytics to evaluate different design technologies, and operation scenarios.

Skills and Experience Areas:

- Control room design

- SMR modeling and simulation, operation, and control

- Human performance modeling using EEG and health monitoring technologies, mental modeling, behavior modeling, activity modeling

- Safety analysis of SMR operation

- Digital technologies for SMR

If interested, please contact lab director, Dr. Hossam Gaber:

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