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Smart Energy System Lab (SESL) & Advanced Plasma Engineering Lab (APEL)


Hossam Gaber (A.Gabbar), PhD, P.Eng.


Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE NPSS, Fellow IET (FIET)

Director of Smart Energy Systems Lab (SESL), and Advanced Plasma Engineering Lab (APEL)

Department of Energy and Nuclear Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Ontario Tech University

E-mail: [email protected]

Off.: 905.721.8668 ext. 5497, Fax: 905.721.3046

Web: faculty profile - Dr. Hossam Gaber

UOIT Experts: https://ontariotechu.ca/experts/fesns/hossam-gaber.php

Editor: IEEE Smart Grid eNewsletter

Founder and General Chair of IEEE Smart Energy Grid Engineering Conference (SEGE) IEEE SEGE 2021 (ieee-sege.com)

Associate Editor: IEEE SMC Magazine

Guest Editor, Special Issue on Smart Energy Grid Engineering, Energies Journal, MDPI