Research Summary

Energy Systems

Planning, design, and control optimization of resilient Smart Energy Grids (SEG), Resilient Transportation Networks, interconnected Micro Energy Grids (MEG), and their applications on energy and transportation infrastructures, smart cities, and industrial facilities. Energy-water-transportation integrated smart grids. Design of high-performance fast charging system with flywheel technology. Safety and protection system design of energy infrastructures.

Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems for NPP emergencies, integration for community and transportation applications. Investigate advanced methods for safety design and verification with co-simulation of NPP, investigate intelligent safety and control systems to improve the performance of NPP, and their applications on SMR. Develop advanced plasma generation and measurement technologies and their applications on nuclear and industrial applications.

Nuclear Systems

Research Facilities:

MEG Demo and real time simulator

Fast Charging Station for Transportation Electrification

Plasma generation and measurement platform

Image processing, learning and reasoning computational environment

Thermoelectric generation testbed for NPP

Co-simulation environment for safety verification of NPP 

Building energy systems simulator

CAVTE/R-CAV: Robotics-Assisted Testing and Training Platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles


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